Miraculous Intervention


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Blog Photo - Miraculous Intervention.jpgThis story takes us back to the early 2000’s, when Julio was about 16 years old. He had to travel 30 km in public transit or “chicken bus” as commonly referred to, back and forth to study each day.

“Oh no! I’m running late again! I have to make it to central square before my bus leaves!” He thought as he dashed out of school on his way to the town center. The first few blocks were uphill and he was starting to feel winded, but he kept up the pace…only four more to go.

As he was reaching central square, he saw his regular bus pulling away from the curb.

“Stop! Stop! Wait a second!”, he called, as he began to sprint. Continue reading


Trembling in the Darkness


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Trembling in the Darkness.jpgBeing the baby of the family, David had to accompany mom and dad when they went out. His oldest siblings were already married and had moved out, and his older sisters who lived at home weren’t old enough yet to take care of him. He dreaded every outing.

His parents were the leaders of a Catholic Church about an hour and a half walk from their home. Every time there was a celebration or a party, he was dragged along.

Maybe you are thinking that tagging along to a party isn’t such a bad thing, but the thing is that each and every one of these celebrations turned into a drinking fest along with idol worship and numerous other unpleasant things.

So just imagine for a second that you are this 5 year old boy. Continue reading

Stolen Shoes and Biblical Correction


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She had situated her used clothing store in such a way that from her perch at the back, with the use of mirrors, she could see everything that was going on. Today that served her well.

She was watching when a girl toting the Vida School uniform came in and began to browse.

She was watching when that girl slyly snuck a pair of runners into her backpack. Continue reading

A Day in the Life of THIS Missionary Mama


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(I emphasize the word THIS not because I am something special, but because I am sure that each missionary mama has a unique story of their own, and this is only my experience)

I’m just an ordinary mama. I remember having the impression that missionaries are some sort of superhero. Even now, when I read missionary biographies, it is easy for me to idolise them and put them on a pedestal. But I know that it’s not right. The word of God states, “We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way.” (Isaiah 53:6). That includes missionaries too. We are all sinners in need of God’s grace and salvation. 

I can tell you from firsthand experience though, THIS missionary is NOT a superhero! I’m just an ordinary person who felt the call of God to move to another country and obeyed. You may have also felt the call of God on your life in some way, and obeyed him as well. We are in the same boat. The where is not important. It is the obedience.

That said, I would like to share with you a day in my life.  Continue reading